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Google News SEO is a game changer for news sites because while your website could produce great content, your audience is banned if your articles don't appear on Google News. The Google News Guy organizes news from more than 50,000 sources around the world, and inclusion in Google News has many benefits, as well as the potential to drive website traffic.

However, to achieve inclusion in Google News, content creators must optimize their website and articles through Google News SEO, a distinct segment discipline that helps publishers become approved news sources. Keep in mind, however, that no program enhancement (SEO) is going to boost an approved news source website if it is not actually a news source.

We'll practice the basics of how to get into Google News, and if you just have some reports you'd like to include in Google News, we've got some tips for you too.

How the Google News Index Works

Google News does not operate some kind of news editor. Rather, it aggregates news of victimization algorithms from totally different sources that go for that newspaper article to point out user-supported interests, location, prominence, authority, freshness, and value. Then classify the results into topics and subtopics.

Google News algorithms choose to have that newspaper article flag the interests and site supported by a user, and also the prominence, authority, freshness, and value of the source. Click to tweet

Google employees do very little manual curation. However, employees can often interact in the selection of major international news events or a topic that is gaining interest in popular culture, such as an awards show.

To reduce the visibility of misleading information, since 2018, Google has placed an additional emphasis on showing authoritative results about the most recent or the most relevant in breaking news or crisis things. Google works with publishers to structure knowledge and establish quality signals to help the program determine the most reliable news results.

As you can see from the screenshots below, the Google News results (on the right) are displayed differently from normal Google search results (on the left). A general search for "lunar eclipse" shows the results of the multimedia system, such as videos, however, a news search shows only news.

Another distinctive aspect of Google News results is that users will act on things directly from search results, allowing them to see additional information as well as their news personalization ends in the long run.

An advantage of Google News SEO is user interaction.

As you can see in the image above, users will indicate whether or not they prefer to see more stories like this or less, and that they even have the option to cover stories from a selected news network or publisher.

Benefits of appearing in Google News search results

Google News SEO is not about driving traffic to your website. In fact, you will not see large amounts of traffic directly from Google News to your Google Analytics account. the larger edges could also be additional indirect.

On the one hand, inclusion in Google News indicates that its set is trustworthy and authoritative, since Google applies rigorous standards. Accepted websites on Google News must post original content, and the number of ads and sponsored content must not exceed the site's news content. Google News sources must show clear dates, author signature and publisher knowledge together.

Another benefit of listing on Google News is that your content can appear in search results at intervals of minutes of business activity, much faster than other news sites. this is often particularly valuable in the breaking news.

Because Google News feeds are customizable, if you consistently post nice content to your website and set an interesting set, you'll also see that users are more likely to engage with your content. Users The UN agency acts in conjunction with its content and would like to see “more stories like this” receive additional content from its website in the future.

Google News also supports publishers in many ways that. For example, in 2018, Google declared a $ 300 million to strengthen quality journalism and combat information on the network. The Google News Initiative can be a three-year project that has a variety of tools as well as options that make it easy for publishers to generate subscriptions and increase their revenue.

Finally, inclusion in Google News will make it easier for your content to appear in the "Top Stories" feature on Google's main search 

Inclusion in Google's Prime Stories will result in exaggerated traffic thanks to its excellent top-of-the-page schedule as shown in the example ab

How to access Google 

If you run a news website, there are 2 main ways to get your content indexed in Google News: You can license your content through the Producer tool; otherwise, you will submit your website for inclusion via the Publisher Center. .Newsove.toriestab.

5 tip how you can get approval in Google news

in google news my two sites are approved you can see my screenshot

so, I will share you my experience. i can give 5 tip how you can get approval on google news i can guide you step by step 

Step 1 - write 10 article before publishing your website in google news.

Step 2 - you have all pages in your website like - privacy policy, about us, contact us, disclaimer and terms and condition

step 3 - post 3 article before publishing your website on Google news in daily basis 

Step 4 - in 4 day add you website in ggogle news if you don't no how you can add you website in google news watch this video

Step 5 - post article on daily basis day by day on 10th day your google news will approved

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